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Gettin Back!

2013-11-30 03:32:50 by deadpool14

I´ve been offline for some time,haven´t I?
But I´m back! :DD

Art Games

2013-03-31 15:14:28 by deadpool14

What has happened to the beatiful art games? What is NG turning into? There is such a lack of good artists :/

So here i am,motherfuckers~
are you doing fine? Having a nice 2013? Well,i have an awesome 2013 with my girlfirend ^^


2012-10-06 15:50:28 by deadpool14

I got dead island fuckin free *-*

Do it

2012-09-30 06:59:16 by deadpool14

Click the link.NOW.


2012-09-22 06:55:57 by deadpool14

I hope you all enyoy this great day,the madness day :3 Happy Madness day ;)

Aw yeah bitches :D

2012-09-16 13:57:25 by deadpool14

Yes!Yeheees! Boo-yeah :3
Finally!My flash player works again :DD
Soo happy guys,reall ^^


2012-08-18 15:06:54 by deadpool14

My flashplayer fucked up,and as result i can not watch flashvids and play flashgames QwQ
Maa lifes ruineeeeeed :<

Problems and Problems

2012-08-01 06:39:17 by deadpool14

Man...forget this fucking Flash movie...I dont have got a Programm anymore,and too many personal Problems -_-
But...if you guys have got a nice free programm,then tell me ok :3

Lets start^^

2012-05-29 15:20:50 by deadpool14

Im starting to make a new flash movie^^